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Who we are and why you should care

Get Cultured | The Rival | March 3, 2016

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Who we are…


The Rival is finally here to give you all, the students of University of Wisconsin-Madison, your VOICE. Sorrynotsorry for swarming and stalking everyone we know (and don’t know) on social media to try and get you all HYPED about this mysterious, immaterial, amazing news source called The Rival. We could not be more excited that The Rival at Wisconsin has made its official debut – and you should be too because this is a BFD.

After realizing our current campus news sources fail to separate student news from institutional news, we couldn’t help but bring The Rival to Wisconsin. Students have the right to create dialogues about things they care about without censoring their language or views in favor of institutional standards. The Rival is a platform that allows you to exercise that right.

Your intellect merits a smarter, more engaging student news source than what our campus presently offers. Sex appeal and being edgy AF are two of our fortes and we promise you’ll be excited to read what we craft. We’re here to stir the pot – we want to challenge the way you think, react, and talk about news. We want other news sources to feel badgered by our mere existence (lol, get it? we prefer our puns intended).

Aha. Why the hell should you care about The Rival? Because this is a platform that allows writers and readers to be the most unapologetically authentic versions of themselves. We’ll talk about campus happenings, current national/world events, aaaaaand the best places to feed your hungover soul the next morning. All in a manner that you can actually relate to and enjoy.

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As your OG Directors of Communications and Content at Wisconsin, we’d like to give you a proper welcome and introduce ourselves.

Sarah, your Director of Communications, is a senior studying Communications (how fitting). She’s probably served you a drink (or seven) at the KK. She’s also a self-proclaimed yogi and makes a mean peanut-butter-chocolate-chip-banana bread. 

Natalie (better known as “Salo”), your Director of Content, is a senior studying Journalism with a Certificate in Business. When she’s not serving your drunk ass at Chasers or The Double U (R.I.P. Johnny O’s), you can probably find her trying to get drinks from Sarah at the KK. She’s an avid lover of breakfast food, and an avid runner because of all the breakfast food.

Without further adieu… Here’s the breakdown of each section you’ll find on The Rival:

All Bucked Up

Editors: Seth Berger & Sam Goldberg

This is the section we can all relate to, even if we don’t want to openly admit it. Here, you can unleash your alcoholism (we lied on the UHS survey, too), bond over your worst/best sex stories, and mourn over the XL PDR ‘za that you lost out on due to being passed out before the delivery guy arrived. We know this hasn’t just happened to us.

This section not only accepts you for these things, but embraces and encourages them. These habits aren’t personal flaws, they’re attributes. So, if you’re looking for someone to join you in that hole you crawled into after your *insert drinking, drug, sex, etc. related problem*, look no further.


Get Cultured

Editor: Ben Ramirez

This is the section where you can keep up with everything BUT the Kardashians (okay, they might slip in here once or twice, but can you really blame us?) We’ll cover a wide variety of things you want to know about: music, food, pop culture, #trending things, health and wellness, and much, much more. “Dis here, da lifeeeestyleeeee” – Rich Gang, about this section.


This Matters

Editor: Elise Rose

This is the section where we will keep you v informed. Here, we’ll help you to make sense of what Hilz was actually emailing about from her private account, keep you up to date on current events, both internationally and in the good ol’ U-S-of A, and other shit that truly matters.

This section exists to challenge our uninformed Millennial reputation. We will educate you on the most important deets regarding “hard” news topics and help you sound intelligent when talking about current issues your peers. You can thank us later.


Madtown Lowdown

Editor: Wes Cook

This section will cover all things Mad Town  – from the where you should get ~lit~ to the story behind the adorable spring roll lady from the Campus Mall food carts to what the f*ck you should do with your underage sibling when they visit for the weekend. We’ll let you know about dope concerts, necessary happenings on and off campus, #sports, and anything Bucky.


Enough from us, folks. We’re about to break some ground. Bookmark that shit.