Your Invitation to the Supremes, Mr. Garland

Americas highest court gets its newest judge

This Matters | Ray Anderson | March 18, 2016

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Just over a month ago, the American people were saddened by the news of the death of Antonin Scalia, a justice on the United States Supreme Court. It’s always sad when a U.S. public official dies, but why was there such a big fuss over this certain death? Well, if you took 7th grade U.S. History then you would know that when a Justice of the Supreme Court dies then the president at that time has to appoint another one as soon as possible. In this particular case, Scalia was primarily a conservative justice while the justice replacing him was going to be appointed by President Obama, a liberal president.

The Supreme Court keeps American politics in check – they decide whether actions taken by the president, Congress and even the people are considered constitutional. Therefore, it’s of the upmost importance to have a Supreme Court that is not a strong majority to any party. Ideally, the group  should consist of  justices that are fair and bi-partisan.

Enter Merrick B. Garland.

So, who is this new guy and what makes him eligible to sit on the highest court in the land?

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Garland received his undergraduate degree from Harvard and proceeded to attend Harvard Law School. If you have ever seen the TV show Suits, you can understand why the caliber that Harvard Law School is something that I cannot even fathom. Garland then proceeded to serve as a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for Washington D.C., a very respected and powerful court.

Garland is also one of the oldest nominated Justices ever, bringing with him experience and insight that other, younger judges might have lacked.

Garland’s nomination for justice has many people pleased, while only disappointing a very few. Garland is known for being a bi-partisan, level headed and well reasoned judge. He was a pleasant surprise for Republicans who thought President Obama was going to elect an extreme liberal, and a not so pleasant surprise for extreme liberals who would of liked to see a judge that would advocate more for their cause.

Why you should care about the old fat judges who sit on the Supreme Court:

The Supreme Court is one of the three most powerful institutions in the United States, right beside Congress and the White House. The nine judges on the Supreme Court make decisions every day that determine whether the actions taken by the government are constitutional, legal or illegal. It is the highest honor a law official can receive to be appointed and it is one of the highest positions in our system of government.

This nomination will not be without struggle – it is giving the GOP a headache. The Republican dominated Senate has the right to reject the nomination purely based on the fact that Obama is leaving office in approximately eight months. The seat would remain unfilled until the next president took office. But what if the GOP loses the election? The new Democratic president would then have the power to elect an even more liberal judge, which is exactly what the Republicans don’t want. And if Trump wins – who the f*ck knows who he will nominate.

We’ll help you stay updated on this HUGELY IMPORTANT decision in the works over on Capitol Hill.