What the FBI Wants, the FBI Gets

Part 2 of the FBI v Apple Case

This Matters | Isabelle Stafford | April 1, 2016

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Back at it again with the white iPhone! A few weeks ago, I enlightened you all on the feud between Apple and the FBI, but for all of you newcomers to the Rival, or those of you who forgot, let’s recap. The FBI was taking Apple to court because Apple refused to unlock the phone of a suspect in the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, which killed 14 civilians. In order to unlock the suspect’s iPhone, Apple would have to create a software that would bypass its security system. However, Apple decided that that kind of software would be a breach on its customer’s privacy boundaries. To put it simply, “No one man should have all that power.” Thanks Kanye.


Surprise! The FBI said ‘nevermind’, dropped the lawsuit against Apple, and gained access on their own. How? No one knows. So far all we’ve got is a quote from the FBI stating that, “an outside party demonstrated to the FBI a possible method.” But WHAT does that mean? Apple is also now begging the FBI hand over this “possible method” in order to enhance their own technology – lol, good luck with that.

Why You Should Care

It’s nice to know that Apple was not coerced by the United States government (which unfortunately has a history of privacy abuse) to create that software, something that would have been incredibly unconstitutional no matter the case. But at what point do privacy concerns outweigh allowing terrorists to commit these tragedies and get away with it?

Regardless, the fact that the FBI was able to unlock a phone (which Apple claimed was not possible with the current software or technology) is a bit scary. We really don’t have much information on it right now, but let’s hope more details are released within the next few weeks; if not to the public, at least to Apple so that they can work on their security issues. This case is crucial to the entire technological world as it will have an impact on the caliber of security that companies will be employing on their products/IT systems.

For now, just make sure you hide your nudies.