#ProfileWeek: The Madhatters at UW

You'll love more than just your melon.

Madtown Lowdown | Wesley Cook | April 9, 2016

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Men, Myths, Legends

You’ve seen The Madhatters. Whether you bought a ticket to a past show, caught a song or two in Gordons, saw 10-second clips on your sorority friends’ Snapchat stories, or saw one of the guys running to a gig in that iconic red jacket, they’re not an easy group to miss.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, here’s what you’re missing out on. Sixteen of the school’s most talented vocalists spend hours per week developing an impressive stockpile of songs, a cappella, for their professional-level concerts. Since the founders began in 1997, they’ve been tearing up the UW musical scene as a prominent performance group, putting incredible effort into making their name a highlight in Madison’s performing arts.

“When I saw them perform the national anthem at a basketball game, that was the first time I’d seen them. I didn’t realize there was such talent at UW.”
-Alex Baierl, UW sophomore

Between these sixteen young men, there is a hell of a lot of collective talent. They better be sharing the wealth, right? They are—according to Matt Bertler, a UW sophomore in his third semester with the group, The MadHatters are proud to be partnering with Love Your Melon for their spring show. Love Your Melon, in case you missed the thousands of hats around Madison this winter, sells warm knit hats and uses the profits to increasing funding in cancer treatments for children.  It’s really a win-win-win…they get to do what they love, we get to sit and enjoy the music, and countless people and organizations get funding.

The spring show is approaching quickly—it’s next weekend, the 16th of April. I just got my ticket this week, and I really can’t wait. Word on the street is that less than 50 tickets remain (as of April 7th), so if you’re free that evening, snag some tickets here—they’ll rock the house at the beautiful Orpheum Theater. Every time they perform, they’re able to morph into different genres, different artists, different decades. From Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” to The Foundations’ “Build Me Up Buttercup,” they know what gets Badgers going.

“To put it quite simply, it’s going to be pure LSD. Lit, Savage, and Dope.”
-Matt Bertler

In recent years, they’ve been digging themselves deeper and deeper into the community of the school itself. They help out by performing at half time shows, as well as singing the national anthem, and even entertaining at different campus events such as dinners, banquets, and just about any other kind of gathering you can dream up. How they have all this time on their hands is beyond me, but it does make one thing clear—the boys make this organization a serious priority, and that really is what sets them apart.

“Singing in front of a sold out crowd of 2,000 people is incredible, and truly exhilarating.”
-Matt Bertler

They might be in it for the fame. Maybe they do it for the glory. There’s even a chance they’re after a solo career—who knows? However, after seeing this group perform over and over, one thing is crystal clear. These sixteen fellows love what they do. When you get the chance, check them out. Links are below, and here’s a taste:

The Madhatters- Run to YouWe decided to give one of our favorite songs the attention it deserves. Here’s our new music video for RUN TO YOU. If you like what you hear, come to our concert on April 16th at the Orpheum Madison. Click the button below to purchase tickets. (Thank you to Bob Pierce and Michael Linn for the video!)

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Featured photo courtesy of Katie Cooney Photography

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