Your wet, fucked-up, nasty dreams – decoded

What your weird, reoccurring sex dream actually means

All Bucked Up | | April 13, 2016

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By: Frances Woodly

People have written and theorized on the meaning of dreams since the beginning of recorded history. Despite hundreds of years of research, this remains an unsolved mystery in the field of psychology. Visions of the future? A cluster-fuck of meaningless thoughts? Fulfillment of deep, dark subconscious desires?

Fortunately, most psychologists have dismissed the Freudian dream theory about taboo, subconscious wishes being played out; since there are times when we wake-up vowing that what happened in the mystical dream realm best damn well stay in the dream realm. The subconscious mind can throw together some really twisted shit.

While experts don’t agree on all symbolic interpretations regarding dreams, here are some of the most common taboo dreams that might have had you waking up in a panicked sweat asking what the fuck is wrong with me? Using Dr. Michael Lennox’s Complete Dictionary of Dreams as a source, we’ve summarized the universal meanings to your dirtiest, sexiest, or most humiliating dreams.

  1. Sex

So you’re freaking out because you had sex with someone/thing that you’d rather just take to your grave or to a confession box. You probably aren’t as sexually twisted as the dream suggests. Accurate interpretation asks you to dismiss any personal reactions to the sex or whom it was with. Whether it was straight sex or gay sex; or whether it was with a relative, an enemy, a boss, some homeless dude on State street, or someone you actually wanted to have sex with, the meaning is the same. The dream is asking you to incorporate some character aspect of the person/people who you had sex with into your personality. If you were creeping on two other people getting it on, it indicates two parts of your personality that need to be merged together.

Now if the sex is oral it means communication is the area or trait that needs to be integrated. So if you are giving a blowjob you maybe need to start being more aggressive in your speech or tone of voice. If you’re orally pleasing a female, you need to start embracing “sensitive and creative” elements of your personality into your speech. If you are critically thinking that this interpretation involves applying socially constructed gender stereotyped personality traits to body parts—well, you are absolutely right. Take it or leave it.

  1. Death

If you died in your dream you’re probably going through some huge change in your life or undergoing a sort of transformation. If you killed a person you might be wishing death or change to come unto some aspect of yourself represented by that character. If a bloodbath occurred, you might feel a lot of passion or energy about this change. If you see blood draining from you as you lay dying it could indicate loosing passion or energy over something in an undergoing life change.

  1. Pregnancy

Ah, one of those nightmares that has you crying tears of joy into your pillow when you wake-up to the fact that it was only a dream. Chill out this (probably) isn’t prophetic. It indicates that you are formulating a new idea or life direction. Something new is coming up and you are connecting to the creative process of manifesting that thing. If there was shame or fear involved you might be nervous about the shift coming up in your life and what other people will think of it. The more prego you are the faster the change is happening. Also, it doesn’t matter whether it was you or someone else; characters in your dream are just other aspects of yourself.

  1. Cross-Dressing

Now there is nothing wrong with cross-dressing as a hobby. If you regularly enjoy the activity in your waking life there is nothing fucked up about it, however if it isn’t your thing and the dream had you concerned, chill. Dressing in the garb of the opposite sex just indicates a subconscious desire to incorporate some stereotypical traits of that gender into the way people see you. Dreaming of a woman in drag could express a desire to put out a “don’t fuck with me” vibe or outrageous amounts of confidence. If it’s a man in drag you maybe want to let your sensitive side show. Or maybe sign up for that new rainbow goddess flow yoga class everyone is talking about.

  1. Genitals

According to Dr. Lennox here, the penis is the “ultimate symbol of the power or the masculine principle of doing and action”. Either way, whether you’re a man or woman, the dream is telling you to connect with your inner-man and take action in some aspect of your life. The vagina is the “ultimate symbol of the power of the feminine principle of creativity and reciprocity”. Regardless of if you have a vagina in real life or not, dreaming of one or having one is telling you to connect to your inner-feminine and get creative.

  1. Boobs

Dreams are about the dreamer, so it doesn’t really matter if these boobs were yours or someone else’s. Whether you are a male or female, and whether or not the boobs were turning you on, this symbolizes a need for self-care and self-nurturance. If they were fake boobs you might be pretending to nurture yourself with fake nutritious behavior. If you are a dude and surprisingly found you sprouted a nice pair of boobs it could indicate a need to cultivate more sensitive and nurturing qualities.

Or maybe you just really needed some boobs in your life and your subconscious supplied.

  1. Being naked

You’re probably in a real life situation that is making you feel exposed and vulnerable. You need to think of the context of the dream, like where you were naked and who you naked in front of, to interpret exactly what it is having you feel this way.

  1. Incest

Gage-worthy to think about, I know. But this is not, I repeat NOT, to be understood in a literal fashion. As said before, dreams about sex or sexual encounters are about integrating character traits. In this case these are family traits, values, and the characteristics of the people who were with the dream.

  1. Clowns

This is one you can go right ahead to a therapist about. Although Dr. Lennox believes clowns are complex symbols displaying an element of playfulness, I think everyone can agree clowns are almost always horrifying creatures with dark intentions. It is doubtful you have ever been truly entertained by a clown right? If you are dreaming about a clown, you have some fucked issues and intentions lurking beneath a facade. Clowns represent an aspect of your personality or pattern of thoughts, so this dream is asking you to investigate your mind to get to the true idea beneath the act/costume. Honestly, you’re probably having some sinister plots being covered up.