Drink, Drunk and Feast: Utilizing a drunchy haven

Madtown Lowdown | Katie Morrison | April 18, 2016

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I’ve tried to stick to eating super healthy, but cheating becomes easy after realizing how much unhealthy food surrounds me in Madison. After coming back from a night out, there’s just no telling what I’ll eat.

But in pursuit of satisfying my late night appetite, I’m determined to find the best drunchies in Madison.

Fried food for thought

Behold “Fabulous Lunchbox,” a food truck serving only fried food. And what satisfies the tastes buds more than that?

Absolutely. Nothing.

You’ve more than likely walked past this treasure on State Street and North Frances while roaming the streets at 2 a.m. Granted, when you see the actual truck, you might think, “Damn, this shit looks sketchy.” But let me reassure you that their cheese curds are hella good when you’re (probably) hammered.

If you’re feeling spontaneous one night and wanna say “fuck it” to the line at Ian’s, check out the Lunchbox that lives up to its name’s hype. They have cheese curds, fried cookie dough, deep fried burgers and a ton of other shit that you’d never think could be fried. If you’re feelin’ like adding some lbs to that freshman 15 you’ve been shamelessly working on, then you’d best be going with the large. But if you’re feelin’ for a snack you can get a size small, too.


Really, though, it’s a win, win. And the best part is that they serve up HOMEMADE ranch. And don’t act like you don’t love drenching food in ranch.

But if you don’t, or wanna be basic, they still have ketchup and all that other ish too.

The fried cookie dough is another go-to because if you’re eating something savory, might as well get something sweet too, am I right? They’re like the cookie version of cheese curds, with the outside like a cookie right out of the oven, but an inner core that’s gooey (are you craving them yet?). And if you’re not into cookie dough bites and, you’re trying to keep it on the healthy side, the apple pie bites can be your friend.

Speaking of curds, they have awesome combinations like bacon and jalapeño cheese curds. So if ya want a little kick to your curds, definitely spice it up with jalapeño.

But, on a more serious note: this place is doper than their fried pizza rolls. And you know better to not turn down pizza rolls.

Stacks on Stacks 

If you’re feeling breakfast for dinner, or I guess a post dinner meal, hit up Short Stack Eatery on State Street for some bomb pancakes From Thursday morning to Friday night, this spot is open 24 hours, so be sure to slide through on the weekend.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to go elsewhere if you want late night eggs instead of a burger during the week.


For those with a sweet tooth, to name a few, they have chocolate chip and sweet potato pancakes. And if pancakes aren’t your thang, they have a breakfast sandwich, breakfast burritos and mo’ breakfast. Feelin’ adventurous and can’t decide what to order? Go for their blind special and get surprised (and a discount).

The drunken night’s staple

Lastly but certainly not least is Ian’s.

Sure, you may have to wait in line with many drunk people, but that that’s its own breed of entertainment that makes the wait painless. And you’ll realize it was SO worth it, especially if you order their Mac n’ Cheese pizza.


Don’t feel like waiting in line or, like most of us, are too lazy to leave your bed? The Ian’s by the capitol delivers, so you can skip other people’s state of drunkenness and enjoy your own.

The Ian’s on State Street is an MVP of late-night eatery, going beyond the weekend and staying open till 2:30 a.m. EVERY night. So you can bail on that late night study sesh and take your procrastination up a notch by going to Ian’s instead. Plus, if you need excuses to keep going back, Ian’s will throw you a bone with their weekly and monthly specials.