Road to Rio: Another Gold Medal in the Making?

Get Cultured | stephfabry | May 6, 2016

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Who run the world? Girls.


It is no secret that the U.S. Women’s Soccer National Team is one hell of a squad—with four out of the five Olympic Gold Medals already under their belt, the real question is: Will there be a fifth? Well, ladies and gentleman, this ravenous team has been working hard this past year for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Perhaps winning the recent 2015 World Cup was just a sliver of the motivation to prove their worthiness of calling themselves the number one team in the world.

With this prestigious title comes hours of sweat, tears, and dedication—and they are hungrier than ever. They are out for blood, and they refuse to come back empty handed. But when it comes to how this team will march to victory, a few big names come to mind.


  1. Carli Lloyd

This badass chick leaves it all on the field. Scoring in almost every game, it seems odd to watch a match without watching her launch it over the keeper from 50 yards out. With 87 goals on the national team within her 222 caps, Carli is the real deal. Her leadership and her commitment to her team have given her the privilege of being named team captain after previous captain Abby Wambach has recently retired in December, 2015.


  1. Crystal Dunn

One word comes to mind when thinking of Crystal: fearless. After getting cut from the World Cup Team in 2015, she obviously had a few people to impress, including Coach Jill Ellis, with some vengeance to prove them wrong. Nonetheless, after sticking 15 goals in the back of the net—the National Women’s Soccer League record—with her club team the Washington Spirit, a few heads naturally turned her way, giving her another chance to claim a locked-in spot in the National Team roster.


  1. Hope Solo

Hmm, could you have guessed? This 5’9″ bold natured brunette is quite the talk as she holds the women’s record of most goalkeeper wins in U.S. history and most career shutouts (72). With these noteworthy accomplishments, it is not surprising she is known as the best goalkeeper in the world and has been a consistent starter for this team since 2007. Needless to say, with Solo in goal, she will always put on a show.


  1. Alex Morgan

This hottie is known for both her alluring beauty and being married to the sexy professional soccer player Servando Carrasco. But don’t be fooled by her good looks and hunky husband, her killer speed is able to break down defenders and allows her to score the 64 goals, within only her 108 caps, she has contributed over the years being a solid member of the National Team. She is quite the catch.


  1. Mallory Pugh

You could say being 17 when scoring her first international goal gives her a bit of an edge over other seniors in high school. The reality is, Mallory is not a one-hit wonder or a one-time appearance for this team. In 2016 she has already managed to score two goals and create five assists within the 11 games she has played in. This young gal knows how to leave quite the impression—and she doesn’t plan on going anywhere.


The 2016 Summer Olympic Games will be one for the books. It will test strength, courage and tenacity from this young, thriving team. Can we come out on top once again? As millions of screaming fans with painted faces and hopeful hearts watch around the nation, we expect nothing less than yet another gold medal. Tune in this summer to watch these hard-core fierce ladies kill it in the 2016 Olympics. Game on, bitches.