Grace Burrello

Writer | Pre-Business

“Chocolate & wine, we're fine”

  • Living nightmares: Freshmen horror stories

    Some names were changed for confidentiality reasons When fall rolls around and incoming freshman unload their parents’ packed minivans, we all sit back quietly smiling to ourselves as we

  • The Bathroom Stall Chronicles

    After taking my first Econ 101 midterm of the semester, I was in desperate need of some uplifting advice to reassure my hesitations about the exam. And then BAM! I look

  • 4 Days to Sexy: Last-Minute Tips for Your Bikini Bod

    Despite our excitement to travel to "fabulous" all-inclusive resorts with our besties where we will mistakenly say “Grassy Ass” instead of “Gracias”, some of us are thinking the same thing…